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I’m a stranger here myself

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I’m a stranger here myself

19. Januar 2024

It is hard to describe to non-introverts how challenging it is to live in a world made for extroverts.
You feel like a stranger, an outsider and sometimes even like an alien, because you experience life differently.
Silence, solitude and stillness are three factors you value most in life.

I hope this little exhibition can show you what it feels like,
to experience life as an introvert not only in your home country, but also abroad.

And maybe, how one can find solace in a world not made for them.

Text on the picture: I am an echo from a distant star.

In the silence

of my solitude,

I am an echo

from a distant star,

resonating with the unfamiliarity

of earthly vibrations.

Text on the picture: Among the crowd I stand out as an outlander.

Among the crowd,

I stand as an outlander,

an outsider,

a cosmic nomad lost in the

earthly maze.

Text on the picture: Sometimes I feel like a lone star.

My heart beats

to the rhythm

of a cosmic drum,

and sometimes I feel like

a lone star in

a galaxy of earthly pulsations.

Text in picture: A stranger in a strange land.

Sometimes, I wonder

if I'm just

a traveler

passing through Earth,

a stranger in a strange land.


Yet, as the snowflakes

fall softly,

there's a recognition

that my introverted journey

resonates with the Finnish spirit

—a dance between solitude

and shared stillness.

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